MBA Overview

Want to gain an amazing network? Hone your leadership & management skills? Understand what makes good companies great and poor companies suck? Ultimately earn more over your lifetime than without the degree? Sounds like you want to pursue an MBA at one of the world’s best schools! Get ready to expose yourself in your essays with vulnerability, highlighting your leadership, and showcasing your personality along the way!

Start thinking about stuff a year prior to the year you want to enroll.
Try to visit a few business schools and sit in on classes.
Prepare for the GMAT as much as you can.
Do a serious self assessment. Really dig.

We Will Guide You
Your essays, your essays, your essays!
Understanding what absolutely MUST be conveyed.
Driving you to feel more comfortable embracing your personality.
Displaying the difference between management vs. leadership.
Guiding you through the short answers.
Avoiding stupid mistakes with your resume.
Practicing the with mock interviews.
Getting you excited! It comes across in your application!