College Admissions

The admissions process to the world’s most competitive schools is a daunting experience for all. Families, students and professionals have usually never experienced this level of competition before in their lives. Both application volume and quality, at the top schools, is the highest it has ever been. And this upward trend is expected to continue for many years to come . The elite college, business, law and policy programs have acceptance rates in the single digits. Therefore, high test scores , work experience and stellar GPA’s are simply not enough to gain admission. Your personality and sense of humor must come through as well.

The college admissions process across all types of programs do have similarities and of course, some differences. The college admissions game has high stakes. The reward for successfully navigating the college admissions game, can make the difference in millions of dollars of lifetime earnings, relationships, and experiences that otherwise a person would not have had. The college admissions process, involves a process for college that we all need to experience. College admissions can be your way out.