Executive Process

Stage 1 - Assessment, Fundamentals & Framing | We first need to create situational awareness. All clients initially fill out a Puff Sheet document. Then send over resume and any other pertinent information for context. The 1-hour Kickoff conference call (e.g. Skype, dial-in, etc) is conducted. The main goal, mini-goals, objective “scope”, current assessment, a discussion of metrics and means of measurement, and situational analysis is done in detail. Within a week, the Engagement Strategy document is sent to client, which outlines themes that stood out and potential revisions to “scope” of the objectives, goal, mini-goals and means of measurement.

Stage 2 - Detailed Attack of Weak Areas & New Tools | Our approach then pivots to applying more focus on what you are not seeing, realizing, or having challenges with by this point, all while selling your strengths in an even more efficient way. This phase of the engagement will usually encompass a series of plateaus and breakthroughs. Ongoing phone/Skype sessions, tailored strategy for resources, and feedback on activity and journal prompts.

Stage 3 - Maintaining Momentum & Sustainability | At this point, we should be harvesting the mini-goals if we set the proper scope correctly at the outset. Progress should begin to reveal in a palpable way on large objective/goal. Structural items shall be put in place to ensure momentum is sustainable and the muscle memory you have developed can be attained if you notice it begin to atrophy. Ongoing phone/Skype sessions, tailored strategy for resources, and feedback on activity and journal prompts.



All client information and conversation is strictly held in confidence within the consultant-client relationship. We respect the integrity of this process and understand we are by definition working with sensitive information. We give clients our expert feedback and guidance, at both a general and specific level.  The approach taken is rigorous coaching in the application of proven research-based methods and case studies within the power, leadership and organizational behavior discipline.


However, it is up to the client to apply guidance and execute. We view the application of frameworks and progress as an iterative process and a “muscle” that develops overtime and must be maintained. Our refined approach and specific process is reflected in our strong track record and private referral base. We look forward to guiding you on your journey.