“On the heels of getting to the only two schools I applied to the only two schools I applied to(University of Chicago an Kellogg ).I have to pay a debt of gratitude to Onida for “Turning of the lights ” for me.

After years of being out of undergrad. My Onida consultant asked the right questions to get to the right conclusions and helped shape my story, both professionally and personally.

This was key to making my essays stand out. Surprisingly, I even had a Director of admissions personally compliment me on how telling my essays were about my journey up to this point.

You can understand yourself and you can understand the essay question, but Onida’s in depth understand of what Admission Committees are looking for out those essays in relation to your life’s journey was priceless. In a process where it is so easy to be verbose and turn your essays into a “business plan,” Onida was there to put me back on track”

[client_name]- Jason, Kellogg [/client_name][/testimonial]