“I recently received my acceptance to HBS and I really have to credit it to Onida and my consultan’s guidance. During our first session he listened to me talk about my life and even though I thought I knew how I was going to approach the application, he really helped me to understand how I needed to present the entire package. There were underlying themes in my life that hadn’t even noticed until he keenly pointed them out. I am 100% sure that bringing out these themes really got me my acceptance. He pushed me to really analyze why I had taken certain steps in my life and I truly feel that I’ve grown on a personal level through this process as well. Given that HBS was the only school I applied to, I had much riding on this application and in the end his guidance really helped me through. I am so excited about taking this next step in my life and can’t thank him enough.”

[client_name]- John, Harvard Business School [/client_name][/testimonial]