Kellogg Interview Q’s

29 Feb Kellogg Interview Q’s


The below is from one of Onida’s MBA clients who interviewed at Kellogg in Feb 2012:

My interview was pretty much spot on with your prep materials.  The questions were all the expected ones:

– Started out w/ more general banter. We talked about Kellogg and the unseasonably warm winter.
– The interviewer asked me to walk through my resume.
– Why MBA?
– We dive into specific professional experiences.
– Can you describe a success and a failure.
– Discussion around the collaborative, teamwork based coursework at Kellogg.
– Discuss an example where you displayed leadership.
– Tell me more about your leadership style.
– Tell me about a weakness of yours.
– What specifically about Kellogg excites you?
– If you were accepted, what extracurricular activities would you participate in?
– The interviewer asked if I had any questions.
– We dive into two specific q/a discussions.

Approx 30-35 minutes long.  Fairly intimidating although the subject matter was not unpredictable.

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