MBA Round 2 Deadlines! Where You Should Be!

08 Jan MBA Round 2 Deadlines! Where You Should Be!


Alright, for those of you applying to B-school and have set “Round 2” this year as your goal, this post is for you.

So where should you be right about now?  Hopefully, you haven’t lost your mind.  But I’ll address recommenders first, then your essays.  Managing your recommenders is always like “hearding cats” towards the end of the process.  They might be traveling right now, more busy than they thought they would be after the holidays, or any other range of dynamics.  This is normal.  The most effective way to approach is simply to “manage upwards” and kindly remind them of the other elements of your application that are just about done.  It always helps to mention how appreciative you are that they have committed to putting their own thoughts down on paper for you too.  Usually, this works as a “nudge.”  If not, of course a more direct approach is warranted.

And now the essays.  Ah, the essays.  Well, you should now be at the point where you are simply polishing and wordsmithing your responses.  Doing word efficiency exercises and identifying power adjectives and the proper “feelings based” word that’s just a little more descriptive.  You should be in a place where you genuinely feel each essay not only answers the question asked, but flows in a way that feels good in your gut.  And of course, the overall application test should be ticked off around now too.  That means, “does the overall application represent you in your entirety?”  Like a well balanced painting.

Finally, the application itself.  The short answers, resume and transcripts should all be triple checked of course.  As for your short answers, of course, make sure they are not just a lift from your resume.  Make sure they are specific to the school, as many schools leave a word in there or two that make that question unique.

Good luck guys!

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