“I wanted to personally thank you Onida. It was a pleasure working with my consultant on my application to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In a short period of time she guided me to focus my thoughts, values and experiences into a cohesive application. There are 3 specific areas where I feel that she excelled:

Extremely professional – she was prompt with comments and never wasted a moment of time. Her feedback was specific and constructive, allowing me to substantially improve my essays with every revision.

Deep understanding of Stanford’s values and objectives – by sharing her understand of Stanford , she challenged me to move beyond my notions of what a b-schools essay should be. This encouragement led me to provide a more holistic view of my beliefs and personality than I could have crafted without her assistance.

Dedicated to my success – she went above and beyond expectation and, by doing so, demonstrated that she was fully invested in my success. I think the best example of her commitment is that she quickly tumed comments on near final versions my essays that I sent her very late on the right before applications were due. I had no expectation that a consultant would work past midnight to provide comments and was truly moved by his extraordinary effort. In doing so, she allowed me to squeeze in an additional round of revisions, and I believe, significantly improved my admissions prospects.

Onida was great to work with and the experience illustrated the earned amazing reputation.

Thank you for allowing me to express my satisfaction with a job well done and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.”

[client_name]- Tristan , Stanford Graduate School of Business[/client_name][/testimonial]