• Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

    Feeling overwhelmed and confused?  Getting into top schools has never been tougher.  There are fewer spots and more applicants with higher scores from all over the world.  And going to the best school still statistically shows that lifetime earnings can be impacted greatly.  We help you sort through the mess!

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
  • We Get You In. Yea Really!

    We have helped hundreds of applicants gain admission to the world’s leading Ivy League Universities, Business Schools, Law Schools, Public Policy programs, and more.  We have one of the highest track records in the industry, and we intend to keep it that way.  Our past clients have gone on to world class elite schools and they even continue to keep us abreast of their intellectual pursuits, professional accomplishments, and personal journeys.  We love what we do.

    We Get You In. Yea Really!
  • …By Being A Friggin’ Snowflake!

    It comes down to you having the ability to tell your “story” in a riveting way with personality.  That means sense of humor, vulnerability, and honesty.  High test scores, work experience and stellar GPA’s are simply not enough to gain admission.  You need to make the reader of your essays cry, laugh and be inspired.  Everyone actually has a story to tell that can be riveting and captivating.  It takes work, but it pays off.  Big time.

    …By Being A Friggin’ Snowflake!
  • …So Don’t Be Locked Out!

    The people who get in usually have insiders, colleagues or alumni family members to help guide them.  Let us do that for you!  It is a daunting experience for all. Families, students and professionals have never experienced this level of competition before in their lives.  The elite college, business, law and policy programs have a specific applicant they look for.  We help bring that out in you!

    …So Don’t Be Locked Out!



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