Dawn Fraser

DawnDawnDawn Fraser is a veteran Admissions Consultant who has worked with clients from around the globe to highlight their unique qualifications and interests as the foundation of a personal marketing strategy and a successful admissions strategy.  She served on the admissions committee at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where she reviewed and ranked applications into one of the nation’s  top masters program. She also served on the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) admissions committee where she worked to address issues concerning the recruitment and admissions of a diverse student body.

     After  graduating from Harvard, Dawn worked as an Analyst for Organizational & Leadership Development at American Express where she worked on coaching and training initiatives for high performing employees. Through her work, Ms. Fraser recognized the similarities between executive coaching and the process of effectively developing a successful  admissions campaign. As a result, she has conducted educational workshops for professional associations, international institutions, and universities including UC Berkeley, UCLA and Princeton. She has also volunteered with various non-profit institutions to provide students with additional assistance throughout the application process.

     Dawn  holds a B.A. from UCLA and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. In 2004, the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University honored her with the Barbara Jordan Award for Women’s leadership for her contribution to furthering issues of public importance, displaying qualities of excellence in her personal and professional endeavors, and serving as a role model for women aspiring to be leaders.

     In addition to admissions consulting, Dawn is the host of a radio show on Everyman Radio and a sketch comedy writer for the New York based group American Candy.  She is also respected as a humorous storyteller who enjoys recalls events that are often universal to the human experience.