Emily Epstein

Victoria-BartleyEmily is a writer and publishing professional who, many years later, still remembers the angst of writing that perfect college essay.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, she is a graduate of the University of Rochester, with a BA in Political Science and History and a minor in Journalism. Currently she works in book publishing as a copyeditor, where she trains her eagle eye on typos, grammatical errors, and editorial inconsistencies. She has worked on hundreds of books on a wide variety of topics with such authors as the Berenstains of Berenstain Bear fame, Stephen King, and Chuck Klosterman. Her own writing has been published in such places as the Hartford Courant, gawker.com, and the Main Line Times.

Emily has also been a mentor to high school students and has helped hone many a college essay. Additionally, as a professional standup comedian, Emily knows all about focusing on one’s life experiences to find what is interesting, unique, and will resonate with others.