Committee Process

Step 1 - Fill out "Puff Sheet," send over resume and transcripts
Step 2 - The 2 Hour "Tee Off" conference call (Skype for international clients)
Step 3 - The "Play Book" document is sent
Step 4 - A document to guide recommenders is prepared
Step 5 - Essay work begins. Iterating every three days, beginning with outlines
Step 6 - Resume editing, wordsmithing and polishing
Step 7 - Short answers and final application review
Step 8 - Mock interview is conducted and feedback provided



We do not write essays for clients as we feel that is unethical and undermines the integrity of the process between applicant and admissions committee.  We do give clients our expert feedback and guidance, at both a general and specific level, within the Word document containing the essays.  It is up to them whether they choose to apply our guidance and feedback.