Committee Usual Client Challenges

Inability To Sound Unique From Others Of Same Demographic0%

A Need To Consider The Question Behind The Question0%

Recommender Coherency Risk0%

Lack Of An Overall Narrative0%

Lack Of Unique Career Vision0%

Challenged To Effectively Structure A Concise Argument0%

Challenged To Communicate Passion Effectively0%

Low GMAT Overall Or Section Score Relative To Mean0%

Attempting To Make A Career Pivot0%

Answering The Question That Is Asked Concisely0%

Inability To Articulate The Nuances Of Leadership0%

Allowing Personality & Uniqueness Shine Through0%

Lack Of Management Experience0%

Applying From Finance Background0%

Disjointed Experience0%

Little Community Service0%

UGPA Beneath Mean0%

Applying Older0%


Results from 2016 Onida Client Survey